Cover For DDA4 - The Dymrak Dread

DDA4 - The Dymrak Dread

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9272

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: John Nephew

Year: 1991

Publisher: TSR

Format: 16-page book, fold-out map

DDA4 The Dymrak Dread - what can I say. The module sucks. It is supposedly a continuation of an excellent DDA3 Eye Of Traldar - but even the transition sucks. After all the excitement from DDA3 - this module just doesn't do anything for me. After raiding a keep and finding all kinds of very useful information and recovering a relic and making lots of enemies, this module basically says - the party finds the raiding Goblins that have been causing death and destruction all over Eastern Karameikos. There are 9 of them. Are you kidding me? And the dungeon in the module just plain sucks. Ugh. I've run this module as a quick intro to D&D - like this is just some local band of goblins that raided a farm. Certainly not some huge contingent that has been harassing the entire Duchy!

How would I change this module? Is there anything that can save this module? Well - this module has a bunch of dungeon tiles - I guess that is cool. But this module - ugh - I can't even begin to describe how incredibly disappointed I was with this one. The entire adventure is composed of 13 rooms. THIRTEEN ROOMS! As I mentioned above, this is a quick intro adventure that is just a side quest. It does not continue any kind of campaign from DDA3 Eye Of Traldar. Unfortunately - it looks like you - the DM are on your own here. Just get this for the maps and reuse them again and again. Treat the module as a quick and easy little side quest for low level adventurers. Come up with something good to continue the campaign. This isn't it.

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