Cover For IM2 - The Wrath of Olympus

IM2 - The Wrath of Olympus

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9189

Type: Adventure

Levels: 36+

Author: Robert J. Blake

Year: 1987

Publisher: TSR

Format: 48-page book w/tri-fold cover

IM2 The Wrath of Olympus - General Review

IM2 The Wrath of Olympus is the second of three modules made for the D&D Immortal Campaign set. As mentioned on the IM1 review - this is no longer D&D. The Immortal Rules are really a new gaming system - related to the rules that have been developed and presented through the Basic, Expert, Companion & Master Rulebooks, yet different in how it all operates. I'll save the analysis for the Immortal Rulebook page. Suffice it to say - this isn't your typically D&D anymore. Having made that distinction, let's take a look at the module.

IM2 The Wrath of Olympus - Prologue

The adventure starts out by describing a group of immortals who have portayed themselves as Olympian Gods in the Darokin area of Mystara. When a mortal Darokin army attacked these false Gods, the immortals blasted the army into oblivion. However, immortals are restricted from directly interacting with humans in this fashion. And the power unleashed attracted immortals from entropy. These immortals have come down and imprisoned the false Olympians and have set about to permanently kill them in order to make room in the immortal ranks for additional immortals in entropy. The other immortals know nothing of this however. One of the Olympians managed to escape the entropy attack and is on the run. She tried contacting her Hierarch and briefly was in touch. However, she has since holed up and is defending herself from legions of entropy. The Hierarch has asked to characters to track her down and figure out what is going on.

Chapter 1 - Athena's Refuge

In order to reach the fake Athena, the characters must travel to the plane of Rylum. Rylum is a dangerous plane where immortal magic doesn't work very well. The players must find a portal to their plane of destination where Athena is located. Unfortunately, they may have to go through a second plane - Pyts - to get there. Pyts is a plane of entropy whose bias is hostile to all other spheres. There is a gate here for the characters to use to get to the plane of Kryla - their actual destination - but the characters have to battle a small army of undead to use it. After yet another battle on Kryla, the players finally manage to find Athena. After questioning Athena, one of the immortals from entropy, Talitha, shows up to try and trick the characters into letting her take Athena. The characters hopefully turn down her request. Then for some reason Talitha leaves a clue for the players to decipher which explains how to defeat the immortals of entropy back on the Prime Plane. The players should decode this clue, deliver Athena to her Hierarch, and move on with the adventure.

Chapter 2 - Earth's Heart

First the characters are required to gather a small quantity of pristine elemental earth. To do this they must journey to the elemental plane of earth. Once there, the characters befriend an immortal Kryst named Urtson. After listening to the character's story, Urtson explains that he is headed to a council meeting and that he will do what he can to help the characters obtain the elemental earth. At the council meeting, an elemental lord is considering closing down all portals to the prime plane. This would be bad. The characters explain their situation, with help from Urtson, obtain the pristine elemental earth, and hopefully convince the elemental lord not to close down the portals.

Chapter 3 - Tempus Fugit

The other item the characters are required to obtain is the snort of a repeater. They are guided to the outer plane of Tempus. There is an immortal here - Fugit - that the characters will need aid from. When the characters arrive, they interact with some giants - this can go well or it can go poorly depending on how the characters handle themselves. The giants essentially work for Fugit, so overly aggressive or manipulative behavior is not looked upon kindly. After the giants, and dealing with some guardians, the characters meet Fugit. After explaining their situation, Fugit points the characters to a repeater, and if asked also provides a magic item which will allow the characters to capture the snort. The characters encounter the repeater, get the required snort, and then they just need to get the hell out of there. The repeater is not exactly friendly.

Chapter 4 - When Legends Come To Life

Using the elemental earth and the snort of a repeater, the characters create the artifact they will need to undo what the immortals from entropy have done. However, before contronting the immortals, the characters need to obtain the bodies of past heroes which will serve as vessels for the immortals. Apparently it is important for the morale of the remaining Darokinians that heroes rise up and destroy the evil they are faced with. So this chapter simply outlines the taking of these Identities by the characters. There is Balthac the fighter, Sinan the elf, Aurum the gold dragon and Ascalon the healer. Each of these Identities is protected magically and there will be a fight to get each body. And of course the characters are beset by various wandering monsters throughout their travels to recover these Identities.

Chapter 5 - Thunder Over Olympus

Now that the characters have recovered the Identities, they make themselves known to the Darokin populace and begin their assualt on the fake Mount Olympus in the Broken Lands. The legions of entropy already guessed what the other immmortals would do, and have their own Identies ready. Each of the heroes claimed by the characters has his or her greatest foe to face as an Identity of entropy. Once these one-on-one battles have been fought, the characters can continue to the area where the false Olympians are being drained and killed. Once the characters use their artifact to free the Olympians from the power drain, they are attacked by a jumper and a screaming demon. Once those foes have been vanquished - all hell breaks loose. The players and freed Olympians are attacked by EVERYTHING - however the mountain has taken too much abuse from all the immortal magic being spent, and it blows up. Hopefully the characters can get away in time.

IM2 The Wrath of Olympus Conclusion

Night is severely penalized by the other immortal hierarchs while the characters are rewarded for their efforts. The Prime Plane is safe once again.

My Random Notes, Thoughts & Reviews

Identities? Why? It is stated in the module that the Identities are needed in order to restore Morale to the Darokin citizens. However, it is also stated that Night is penalized 4000 power points - "the cost of the wishes required to erase the memory of the events from the minds of of mortal witnesses". I guess it kind of makes sense - I mean I don't think they are erasing everything that happened - I mean 3000 soldiers died. But what is it they are erasing exactly?

The planes made much more sense in this module than in IM1. They were a bit more straight forward. But there was a lot of fighting the old-fashioned way. Immortal powers were canceled or muted. I guess this is more of a statement than any kind of good or bad.

There wasn't any kind of description of the rewards the characters get for the successful resolution of this problem. That would be nice.

There is a brief paragraph at the end of the module about a golden age on the prime plane due to limited interaction from entropy for a number of years. Hmmm.

I like this module well enough. But I like pretty much every module well enough.

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