Cover For IM1 - The Immortal Storm

IM1 - The Immortal Storm

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9171

Type: Adventure

Levels: 36+

Author: Frank Mentzer

Year: 1986

Publisher: TSR

Format: 40-page book w/tri-fold cover

IM1 The Immortal Storm - General Review

IM1 The Immortal Storm is the first module for the D&D Immortal Campaign set. The first thing to note - this is no longer D&D. The Immortal Rules are really a new gaming system - related to the rules that have been developed and presented through the Basic, Expert, Companion & Master Rulebooks, yet a bit different in how it all operates. I'll save the analysis for the Immortal Rulebook page. Suffice it to say - this isn't your typically D&D anymore. Having made that distinction, let's take a look at the module.

Introduction - Player's Background

An infinite sized storm has appeared at the very edges of the multiverse and threatens to destroy all living creatures. A riddle has been presented that must be decoded, then executed. The characters, all relatively new immortals, have been summoned by their various sphere heads to decode this message, and follow the instructions contained therein, thereby saving the known multiverse. You know, the usual immortal fare.

The Immortal Storm Part 1 - The Storm In The Eye

This presents the puzzle that the players will have to decode, and discusses the strategies of decoding the puzzle, and ultimately what the solution means. Basically, the characters will have to travel the multiverse and collect 5 essences, one corresponding to each sense. The collection can happen in any order, and the essences can be delivered all at once or one at a time. Travel through the ethereal plane and the astral plane will be necessary, and there are several random encounters outlined for characters traveling in those planes of existence.

The Immortal Storm Part 2 - A Star Is Born

In part 2 the characters must travel to the elemental plane of fire to collect the essence of sight. There is a number of random encounters with various fire creatures including elementals, helion, firedrakes and salamanders. Eventually the characters must interact with the 120 foot tall elemental ruler who eventually summons the immortal Firemaster. After the Firemaster learns of the characters mission, he has them hunt a Phoenix to obtain materials needed to capture the essence of Sight from a newly formed star.

The Immortal Storm Part 3 - The Sound Of Music

In part 3 the characters must travel to the outer planes, to the home plane of a race known as tonals, to obtain the essence of sound. This is a very foreign plane, but with their immortal powers, and the help of a resident tonal to lead them through the plane, the players are able to get the attention of one of the high ranking tonals. Once this high ranking tonal is aided in rooting out a maverick tonal, the characters are rewarded with the essence of sound.

The Immortal Storm Part 4 - An Odd Notion

In part 4 the characters must travel again to the outer planes, this time to the home plane of the notions, to obtain the essence of taste. The party enters this plane and is immediately beset by a group of playful notions. Next they help out a Djinni, who then returns the favor by taking the party to find the notion who can help them with finding the essence of taste.

The Immortal Storm Part 5 - Master Of The Earth

In part 5 the characters must travel to the Plane of Earth request the essence of touch directly from the Elemaster of Earth himself, the Earthlord. After arriving at the plane, the characters must enter the home planet of the Earthlord. However, navigating the planet proves very challenging as travel spells are useless and there are literally thousands of miles of tunnels to wander through before reaching the citadel of the Earthlord deep within the planet. And it just so happens that the Earthlord needs some help with an insurgent creature, which when dealt with, earns the Elemaster's gratitude, and earns the characters their essence of touch.

The Immortal Storm Part 6 - The Smell Of Victory

In part 6 the characters must travel to what is described as a backwards three dimensional plane devoid of magic which relies on technology to function. Here they must find the essence of smell. It is a dire and drab world. And it also happens to be a nearly exact parrallel world to our own. When the characters enter in fact, they enter via a gate from the astral plane into a subway station in New York City. They must learn to navigate this foreign world, to find a place known only as Skokie Illinois, and somehow obtain the essence of smell without revealing their identities or altering the course of history. Apparently a perfume company has accidentally created something that can only be described as an essence of smell, and that is the target. There is a large section dedicated to interaction in this world, and how the characters can go about obtaining the essence - well you know since magic doesn't work in New York City or Chicago apparently.

The Immortal Storm Part 7 - Fight For Honor

Now that the characters have obtained all 5 essences, it is time to use these essences to dissapate the growing storm on the edge of the multiverse. However, the 5 leaders of the spheres are having trouble deciding which one of them get to have the honor. So they decide that the characters will all fight each other to the death in one big battle. (they are immortals so they won't really die) The winner earns their sphere's leader the honor of destroying the storm. And the world is saved.

My Random Notes, Thoughts & Reviews about The Immortal Storm

The worlds where the characters have to travel are definitely not your normal D&D worlds. It almost seems at times that there was too much effort put in to creating something completely new and different, and not enough effort in the actual storyline.

There is a rather extensive section at the end of the module dealing with handing out experience points based on activities the characters did or didn't engage in. One thing I would definitely do is award experience at the end of each part, rather than waiting until the very end. But that is just how I always rolled as a DM.

There are various random encounter tables for the astral plane, the ethereal plane, the elemental plane of earth, and the elemental plane of fire. I like those encoutner tables, and I would use those as a base and further expand them out. I'm sure that give a couple of hours I could come up with the outline for a hundred different encounters in the each of the planes, with corresponding adventures for each one. Just something that I though of as I looked over those encounter tables. Due simply to space constraints that really wouldn't be feasible in the module itself. But come on DMs - make it happen!

What the hell was behind the storm? We have no idea. But maybe we'll find out in a future module. But as it stands, no one knows, and as far as the contents of the module, no one seems to care. But really, what the hell was that?

The Immortal Storm In Conclusion

I have always been underwhelmed with this module. As I mentioned above, I always thought that there was so much effort put into trying to create new and different adventure settings, that the actual module suffered. I just never really cared for the execution. For me personally, if I wanted to play a game set in New York City, I would not be playing D&D in the first place. And the other realms, I don't know, I just never got into any of it. But hey - to each their own.

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