Cover For X7 - The War Rafts Of Kron

X7 - The War Rafts Of Kron

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9079

Type: Adventure

Levels: 4-14

Author: Bruce Nesmith

Year: 1984

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book w/tri-fold cover

In X7 The War Rafts Of Kron the characters are asked to save a princess from mysterious raiding forces from the sea. After surviving a city of men and an underwater city of tritons, the characters are lead to a ruined sunken city. There they face the final foe of the module and rescue the princess. For my parties, this module actually went kind of quickly. It is OK I suppose, but for whatever reason, it just never stuck with me. Maybe I'm just a landlubber. There is a natural flow to the module which I like, and that final setting is pretty intense. But there just seems to be a lot of stuff missing to me. I guess that have to fit what they can.

How do I change the module? For one thing, I have a the 2 sets of city encounters pretty well laid out, and I make it very plain for the characters who to help out. There isn't any kind of epilogue with further adventures or anything like that. The characters, after successfully rescuing the princess, are bequeathed an island. Absolutely nothing on what the island is like. How about it being infested with monsters that the characters have to overcome? And then someone else claims title to the island and the characters have to defend their land from these usurpers? How about building up a town on their new island and attracting settlers? How about developing the island into a paradise? How about having a hurricane pound their nice new island? How about the tritons needing help against an ancient foe that lives deeper in the sea? You know - that kinds of stuff.

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