Cover For X11 - Saga Of The Shadow Lord

X11 - Saga Of The Shadow Lord

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9165

Type: Adventure

Levels: 4-14

Author: Stephen Bourne

Year: 1986

Publisher: TSR

Format: 64-page book w/tri-fold cover

X11 Saga Of The Shadow Lord is a relatively extensive module with a pretty clear path for the adventure and what the characters need to do. It has a well developed background story and plenty of action. It lightly describes some new areas in Mystara and gives some history on those areas. And for whatever reason, it just never stuck with me. I don't know why - for all the reasons above it is a very good module. But hey - to each his or her own. I do really like the fact that it presents that historical background on new areas of Mystara, and that can absolutely be used to develop further adventures as the characters like. There is no question that there are plenty of opportunities to go monster bashing up in the newly developed regions - a nearly limitless supply of monster bashing in fact.

How would I alter or change this module? To be honest - not much. As I mentioned above, there is plenty of monster bashing, the module is huge - it is actually split into 2 different adventures and there is plenty for the characters to do. Maybe they get to participate more in the war - maybe they can take out lots of the enemy in mass battles. Maybe the DM can introduce the X10 Red Arrow Black Shield mass combat rules here just for a fun break between the 2 adventures. That way when X10 rolls around, the players will be somewhat familiar with how the mass combat system works.

There really are lots of possibilities for monster bashing after this adventure is concluded. The players could decide they want to go on a monster extermination mission. Maybe the players even want to try to settle this area up here! That could certainly be some fun! Maybe they rebuild the ruined strongholds and begin to repopulate the area. Maybe they discover a huge settlement of giants much further north that are very hostile to the characters. Maybe the characters have to deal with the barbarians that swept in previously - or maybe these are allies. There is some good base work laid out for the DM to develop the area and give the players plenty to do. Enjoy the new areas!

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