Cover For CM8 - The Endless Stair

CM8 - The Endless Stair

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9192

Type: Adventure

Levels: 15-25

Author: Ed Greenwood

Year: 1987

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book w/cover

CM8 The Endless Stair is a companion level adventure that really isn't all that involved. There are a couple of tough dungeons to explore, and one super battle with some side battles, but this module can be worked through in a couple of sessions - if not just a single session.

There is some role-playing involved in getting to the actual adventure - along with some mystery. And if desired the DM can extend the action from and consequences of this adventure far beyond the final battle. There are some pretty powerful magical items that characters can acquire as a result of this adventure - so powerful in fact that they could help out characters who are building up their empire.

The module suggests having a setting somewhere in Northern Glantri. But goodness - my characters are building empires in Norworld - that is the place to put it! I'm sure the DM can think of a great place somewhere near one of the player's realms for this adventure setting! Or even put it in an "unclaimed" area of Norworld and let several of the nearby nobles attempt to claim the rewards for themselves! The end of this module could be the beginning of a war!

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