Cover For CM7 - The Tree Of Life

CM7 - The Tree Of Life

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9166

Type: Adventure

Levels: 15-25

Author: Bruce A. Heard

Year: 1986

Publisher: TSR

Format: 40-page book w/tri-fold cover

CM7 The Tree Of Life is an adventure written for all elves. Yes - all elves. Not sure about you all out there, but I never had a party where everyone was an elf. So I have never run this adventure that way. It is really easy to compensate - as long as there is at least one elf in the party. Heck - make the elf an NPC and run him or her as the DM.

This is one of those adventures that are pretty open - the characters just wander around gathing clues and figuring out what the next step is. Again - no my favorite style but its all good. There is definitely plenty to fight - hordes of orcs - an entire army in fact. And as I always do whenever there is an army around - the characters go in and just destroy everyone in their path! The adventures always take longer because of this - but the players always enjoy the bloodbath.

There are various suggestions for where this adventure is set. It makes it much easier when you allow humans. This starts off in Norworld! And the characters are helping the elves - maybe the NPC elf is from the tribes! The final destination of the elves is in the far northeast corner of the continent. Since the characters will be so far away, they will hopefully have some way of communicating with their various vassals. And on the other hand, a high level party will almost certainly have access to teleportation. It may not be all in a single day - unless you the DM wants to introduce something to make the return trip easier. But wouldn't it be kind of fun to travel across the continent in making it back to your realms? Yes it would - but with teleportation - why would you do that? Why walk from New York to LA when you can fly?

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