Cover For CM6 - Where Chaos Reigns

CM6 - Where Chaos Reigns

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9158

Type: Adventure

Levels: 15-25

Author: Graeme Morris

Year: 1985

Publisher: TSR

Format: 24-page book w/tri-fold cover

CM6 Where Chaos Reigns I find to be an incredibly interesting module. Instead of a big adventure - it is actually 5 mini adventures that all tie in together for one overall massive important mission. The characters travel through space and time to another world to prevent the destruction of the normal evolutionary process. And believe me when I say that a couple of these mini adventures are actually full adventures in their own right - or can be easily expanded to be such! Now, as you know I don't necessarily enjoy modules that are more "open ended". This one is definitely more open ended than I typically like. But wow - there is a lot to do - a lot to fight - and this module should last the characters quite a few sessions if the DM is willing to really develop this thing. So how did I (or how could I have) run this module? Hey - I'm glad you asked! With five different mini adventures - lets break it down.

The first mini adventure of the module tasks the characters with saving the young budding races of elves and men from a chaotic race of creatures led by foreign strangers. The characters must protect the races from destruction, and then go to the enemy stronghold and eradicate the threat there, freeing slaves, and basically establishing the elf and human races. The opponents are tough - and the characters should emerge victorious. There are plenty of enemy combatants to vanquish - and if they want the characters can take the battle to the marauding forces - I always like that. Pre-planned hit and run tactics are always enjoyable for me.

The second mini adventure has the characters helping the dwarves emerge from underground for the first time. Without the aid of the characters - they may never emerge and develop as a major race. There are a few somewhat tough sea encounters in this 2nd mini-adventure. But hey - why not blow this into a full blown adventure all on its own! Let the characters battle through pirates go island hopping to find their ultimate destination! Plenty of potential a la the Odyssey or the Dawn Treader!

In the third mini adventure the characters have to save the races of this alternate world from certain destruction by a human army led by some strange foreigners bent on total annihilation. Yet - instead of the characters waiting for the invading armies to come - I have them go harry the invading armies - oh man I love hit and run tactics! There is an overabundance of fighting - and when you unleash high level characters in the middle of an army camp of low level opponents - there is just unbelievable amounts of carnage and chaos! The characters should always make sure to have a pre-planned escape route laid out. Hit the powerful creatures - hit the hoards of battle fodder - whatever they want to do. Hit them hard and escape - to hit them hard again later. Of course the invaders will attempt to alter their tactics to account for the characters - but the characters should be well prepared. And when the characters take out the leaders - oh man talk about an ineffective army! And then if you like have the characters attack or even invade the source of the invading armies - you know - if you as the DM want to prepare for that! More hit and run tactics - more carnage - oh man - I love it! Kill em all!!

In the fourth mini-adventure the characters have to save a bunch of high level mages. This one is not one I enjoy that much. It is pretty quick and there is some detective work and actual role-playing involved and the characters have to make sure not to kill the wrong people - all that kind of stuff that for me slows adventures down. But I know - there are plenty of people out there that like that kind of stuff. Anyway I just get through this one as quickly as possible.

Ah - the fifth and final mini adventure! I change the focus of this adventure. It is not just to destroy the object of the adventure, it is also to eradicate all enemy forces! The characters can create a lot of problems through pure destruction and death - and that is what I task my players with. Destoy the enemy! There is plenty of that going on in this adenture - and I have the characters once again using hit and run tactics and engaging in a war of attrition and destruction. Over time the enemy techonologies are disabled by the characters until the characters achieve their victory! One thing necessary for this is to keep track of the number of enemies. There are also a couple of pretty epic battles as the enemy forces organize to take out these deadly invading PCs. Ultimately - the characters will prevail and this diabolical enemy will be utterly destroyed! Just good clean family fun!!

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