Cover For CM1 - Test Of The Warlords

CM1 - Test Of The Warlords

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9117

Type: Adventure

Levels: 15-25

Author: Douglas Niles

Year: 1984

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book w/tri-fold cover

CM1 Test of the Warlords may well be one of my favorite D&D modules of all times! I even bought the French language version of this module when I found it for sale. I don't read French! Why? I don't know. Maybe it is because this is the first module that really give the characters the ability to rule kingdoms and affect the outcome of nations - not that they weren't doing that already of course. But here, the kingdomes (well baronies or duchies or whatever) that they are saving or influencing are actually their own! Instead of just lowly adventurers that are subject to the rules of whatever lands they happen to be in at the time - they are now lords of their own lands! It is definitely a very exciting turning point in my mind.

In this module the characters will develop their fiefdoms and embark on a few short adventures - all leading up to an epic battle between Alphatia and Thyatis. The characters will be able to control the armies of either nation (or perhaps characters will pit themselves against each other) and determine the future of Norworld. Perhaps King Ericall emerges victorious. Perhaps Thyatis wins and the characters begin a rebellion - which they successfully win - and then start their own Kingdom. Wouldn't that be a good start to the path to immorthality?

The module outlines several future adventures for the characters - a mountain range FULL of dragons and the unequaled wealth they have amassed over millenia, an entire island of frost giants for the characters to deal with, vortices into elemental plans with the associated dangers emerging therefrom, and that is just in Norworld itself. This truly takes characters out of the expert level mindset and introduces them to the truly epic adventures that await!!

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