Cover For DA3 - City Of The Gods

DA3 - City Of The Gods

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9191

Type: Adventure

Levels: 10-14

Author: Dave L. Arneson and David J. Ritchie

Year: 1987

Publisher: TSR

Format: 48-page book w/tri-fold cover, fold-out map

DA3 City of the Gods is a module in which the characters travel to and explore an alien ship, finding various alien technology and fighting an alien race along with the various robots and cyborgs that inhabit the massive 2 mile long ship. There are also some interesting plot twists and various missions for the PCs to perform. The bottom line, this module is absolutely WIDE open as it is presented. The DM can introduce a wide variety of missions for the PCs as he wants.

What did I do when I ran this adventure? Not much. This was a single session adventure for me. The PCs made contact and then left - they weren't trying to explore an alien ship or obtain alien technology. That is certainly something that can be done - it just wasn't something that I wanted to do. So they esstablish friendly relations with the ship's captain and that was that. I didn't even kidnap the mage as is outlined in the module. I just made it simple and straight forward. A couple of fights with some froggies, and of course the encounter with the sand folk (John Carter anyone?). I guess the sand folk went extinct - since there are none in "current-day" Mystara that I've seen mentioned.

An interesting module - but not one that I'm all that in love with. Lots of time is spent on traveling through various wilderness areas of Blackmoor and of course exploring the ship - and explaining all the various potential scenarios. But there is a minimum amount of time spent on developing any concrete story. Again - just a bunch of possibilities. The DM will need to do some work to decide exactly how he wants this adventure to run - well - unless he or she just doesn't care. In which case - let the PCs decide and live with the consequences!

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