Cover For M2 Maze Of The Riddling Minotaur

M2 - Maze Of The Riddling Minotaur

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9060

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Jeff Grubb

Year: 1983

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book w/invisible ink pen

M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur is very similar to M1 Blizzard Pass in the way the solo adventure is administered. Invisible type is used, and a special highlight marker is needed to expose the hidden text. And also like M1 the adventure is quite good on its own. And also like M1, at the end of the module there is a quick group adventure to be played.

The solo adventure is for a single 6th level character of any class. The group adventure is pretty challenging and should be attempted by a group of expert level characters - basic level characters will not survive this module. So why put it in the basic section? Well - it fit here. Blizzard Pass is a basic module - so this being the 2nd in the series gets stuck with that one. One thing I always wanted yet never got was a complete solo adventure series taking a character from first level all the way to immortal status. I wonder if Hasbro would let me use the basic rules and do that? Hell a series for each class! I think that would be cool. But maybe that's just me...

The King that offers the reward to the characters is some non-descript King of some island nation that is not described in Mystara. So instead make it Ierendi or even the Minrothad Guilds. Put the island wherever it makes sense. This module can definitely lead into some of the other expert level modules that are asea - including X1 The Isle of Dread or X7 The War Rafts of Kron. Ahoy Mateys!!

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