Cover For B7 - Rahasia

B7 - Rahasia

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9115

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Tracy and Laura Hickman

Year: 1984

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book, tri-fold cover

B7 Rahasia is an interesting standalone adventure that can be introduced into pretty much any campaign that has elves. Heck, swap out the elves for a hidden or secretive group of humans and you have the same thing. You can beef up the encounters and the rewards to make this adventure applicable to any level. Well I suppose you can do that with pretty much any adventure - including this one. For me personally, this is not one of my more favorite adventures. You have to solve riddles, you have to figure out teleportation sequences (that will make sense once you read the module), you have to avoid killing the charmed foes in a lot of the initial encounters - I guess I'm just more of a hack and slash kind of guy. Just point and say kill. But this is definitely a highly entertaining module for those parties that like more cerebral adventures. Also - do NOT send in a bunch of 1st level characters. There are some monsters that are only hit by magical weapons - and they will slaughter all those 1st level characters.

In the module there is really nothing to suggest any kind of follow up. I thought about how this could be expanded, and I suppose if one wanted they could have the "bad guys" escape with their "special treasure" (notice how I avoided making too obvious a spoiler there) and come back later to continue their dastardly plot. But really - why? Just finish it and move on to the overall campaign. The characters get some experience, some coin, maybe some magic items, some gratitude from the elves (or whatever the DM creates), and a fun evening or three of play. But for me personally, instead of charming all the elven caretakers, I'd imprison them all and have the place completely taken over by orcs or whatever the DM prefers. ATTACK! KILL!!

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