Cover For B6 - The Veiled Society

B6 - The Veiled Society

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9086

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: David Cook

Year: 1984

Publisher: TSR

Format: 16-page book, tri-fold cover, cardstock fold-up buildings

B6 The Veiled Society - this is a cool introduction to the city of Specularum in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The advenuture itself isn't that long, but interesting. After entering the city, the characters become embroiled in the political intrigue and criminal underbelly of the city. It is a decently fun, short adventure. There is a part where the DM is given the option to split the party into 2 different parts, the 2 parts which eventually meet back up in one of the bigger encounters in the module. Personally, I have never been a big fan of splitting the party groups. I've done it before, and it has always been because the party chose that route. Just running a party normally is enough work - splitting the party up is pretty taxing. And doing it as the DM on purpose as a ploy - I just never felt like splitting the party up.

After you complete this module there is plenty more the characters can do - of course it is left up to the imagination of the DM to figure out exactly what that is. They have a quick paragraph at the end of the module with some suggestions - but the suggestions don't go into much detail. There is certainly plenty of city drama that can unfold as the characters progess in level. They can take out some of the other "mob" families, they can even become special law enforcement agents working for the Duke and eradicating crime from the city. They can go on to travel around the Duchy as agents of the King - and eventually start being sent on missions to other areas of Mystara. Or you could just make this a standalone and move on to other adventures - you are in charge!

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