Cover For B5 - Horror On The Hill

B5 - Horror On The Hill

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9078

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Douglas Niles

Year: 1983

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book

I actually enjoyed B5 Horror On The Hill. The wandering around the wilderness area is fun and organized. There are plenty of monsters to kill and plenty of treasure to find. At the beginning it is recommended that TEN(!!) first level characters should tackle this thing - down to 5 3rd level characters. I don't know about you - but trying to handle 10 individual players in a game seems like total chaos. I don't think I've personally ever gone over seven. And that, I promise, was total chaos.

There is even a dragon to kill, along with some peaceful neanderthals (unless the characters attack) and some really mysterious sisters who seem to have the power and wealth of 20-something level characters - but definitely aren't that level. There is even a young dragon for the characters to take a shot at. Now, there are some catacombs, and apparently one of the levels has a bunch of starving creatures and berzerkers that have been stranded for "years". Yes - "years". Come on - these folks could eventually find their way out - given YEARS - but they haven't. They just wander aimlessly and eat rats. And apparently they don't fight each other so they must be skiddish. But then again most of them attack the party on sight.

At any rate - fun module, definitely takes time to go through everything, lots of fighting, can be a lot of wandering on that lost level. And like every other module in existence, the DM can really spice this thing up and make everything make more sense and really wow the players. All in all this is just good clean family fun! (unless it isn't)

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