Cover For B2 - The Keep On The Borderlands

B2 - The Keep On The Borderlands

System: Basic Dungeons & Dragons

Code: 9034

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Gary Gygax

Year: 2nd print - 1980

Publisher: TSR Inc

Format: 28-page book

Module B2 The Keep On The Borderlands is one of the most played Dungeons & Dragons modules of all times. The module was included in the old basic set and was the first modules many people ever had the pleasure of both playing and DMing.

I personally both played and DMed this module multiple times. In fact it was the first module I played, and also the first module I DMed. For that reason as much as any - this is one of my favorite basic level modules. I like the fact that characters can make quick forays and then retreat back to the keep. I know - you can do that in most other modules as well. This just has the feel of more of a campaign module that a quick standalone adventure.

The keep was introduced and there were various NPCs hanging around that had their own agendas - I just thought that was sweet. Go ahead - hire a couple of extra guys to go in with you. Watch out - they may doublecross you when things line up for them! I liked the way it was all set up.

I also liked the way the various monster races were segregated into their own caves - it was just pure awesome. And then there is the Ogre - one of the most powerful creatures in the Caves, which also happened to be one of the easiest to handle simply because it was alone. The other encounters were all multiple monsters - this one was just a single tough monster that actually wasn't all that tough. Although even that encounter could go south quickly with a couple of hard hits from the enemy. Oh yea - and the minotaur - whatever.

Is it really that believable that all those various monsters would be peacefully cohabitating so close to each other? Why wouldn't just be a huge tribe of the same humanoids inhabiting all the caves and wiping out all others that stand in their way? Why are all these various humanoid tribes so small? I don't know. I just like it. Hey - if you don't like you can always rewrite the module!

I hope that one day this is made into an awesome computer game - along with every other module there is - and I can go back and play this stuff again in real time - all the basic modules all being put together in one massive video game - that would be sweet as hell. Somebody get on that.

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