Cover For B12 - Queen's Harvest

B12 - Queen's Harvest

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9261

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Carl Sargent

Year: 1989

Publisher: TSR

Format: 32-page book

B12 - Queen's Harvest is another well written module. This module is a continuation of B11 King's Festival and is also split into 2 parts. The first part should be easy enough to complete in a single session - which I enjoy immensely. The 2nd part is a bit more challenging. This has the characters using hit and run tactics to attack an entire fortress. The fortress is manned by mostly low level humanoids, and it is very conveniently split into sections which can be used for different adventure sessions. This is another module I have greatly enjoyed both playind and running. It is mostly straight forward and the mosters are definitely not too overwhelming for the adventurers.

This is another adventure where I make vitually no changes. It is well written, well laid out, and rewarding for the characters. Now the real questions comes up - what to do after the adventure? Well, the characters are nearing, or have made it, to expert level adventures. However, I still like B10 Night's Dark Terror so much that I would go ahead and run that after this. And to be perfectly honest, any of the basic modules can be retooled into expert level modules by simply changing the number or power of the creatures contained within the module - along with spicing up the magic items and other treasure. There is a near limitless supply of material! I have to admit though - B11 & B12 are great modules for use in starting out a new party of 1st level characters.

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