Cover For B10 - Night's Dark Terror

B10 - Night's Dark Terror

System: Dungeons & Dragons

Code: #9149

Type: Adventure

Levels: 1-3

Author: Jim Bambra, Graeme Morries & Phill Gallagher

Year: 1986

Publisher: TSR

Format: 56-page book, fold out map, cardstock map/counter sheet

Module B10 - Nights Dark Terror - is what I call an epic! Even though you are still dealing with basic level characters - this module is just straight up fantastic! It has the party going all over Karameikos discovering the history of the area - just fantastic! Players get to manage an overnight seige from 2 different goblin war parties, get to go and smash the goblin bases afterward, get to explore various old ruins, get to deal with a slave ring, and that just gets you to the halfway point! The module is well written, and it will most likely take many sessions to get through everything. While I usually like to be done with adventures in one setting, this one does an excellent job of breaking up the play into manageable sections, each of which should be played through in a single session. Man - just a great module!

When I've DM'ed this module, I've changed virtually nothing. The end is pretty wide open in the module, and I left it that way. Again - I usually like to have things pretty linear because it is less work for me during the actual game if I have everything prepared. However in this case, I really didn't know what I wanted to do with that final section, so I just let the players decide what their characters would do without any involvement from me. They did just fine.

There is also plenty of opportunity after playing this module to continue the adventure. There are goblins and gnolls and a pissed off slave ring and more ancient artifacts and more ancient sites - all kinds of good heroic stuff to do! Keep in mind that this module is definitely not for brand new characters - or players for that matter. It also is not for new Dungeon Masters. This is a good module to play after the characters have already achieved 2nd or 3rd level and are tired of the one night adventures and are ready to start an epic campaign. And boy is it worth it!

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